Friday, 27 May 2016

Procedure for recording Whatsapp Calls

Procedure for recording Whatsapp Calls.

As u know whatsapp recently came up with voice calling feature and lot of users call from their whatsapp accounts. So it becomes important to record calls of whatsapp . There are differnt apps in market to download ordinary calls but no app for recording whatsapp calls . But recently i was browsing and i found a trick to record whatsapp calls so i am sharing it with you.


→ First download this app Real Call Recorder.
→ Now install it
→ click app to open and find  whatsapp option
→ Click the WhatsApp box in the app.
→ Wait and see the magic begin.
→ Make a call over the WhatsApp.
→ It will record all the calls automatically in the background.
→ It will let you know when you finish the call and show you in the notification bar.
→ You can see all the recorded calls in the app and manage them.
→ Make sure the app is running in the background while making the call.

How to Record Whatsapp Calls on iPhone IOS

→ You must have jailbroken iPhone for this trick.
→ Go to Cydia and find Watusi under the BigBoss repo.
→ It is paid repo but you can also found for free in google
→ Install it and Open the WhatsApp.
→ Then tap on the “Watusi Preferences”.
→ This is fully loaded WhatsApp tricks repo with many tricks look for “Record Calls” and check.
→ you ready to rock make calls and it will record all the calls.

That’s all enjoy Record Whatsapp Calls features for free and record all your important calls :)