Thursday, 10 December 2015

Create Unlimited Accounts from one Gmail Account

Hey friends  today we are  back
with a great trick which is known as Gmail dot trick. we invented this trick and this trick is fabulous and mind-blowing so in todays guide
we will explain you how this trick works and how it will help you for app downloading or looting purposes.
Many of you might be aware of this trick. if you don’t know about this trick so you are at the right place. So if you are using Gmail account from one account you can create
unlimited accounts from one Gmail id by just putting a dot and for that only this trick is known as Gmail dot trick.
This trick is not illegal many of the developers have patched this trick and many of the lazy developers have not patched it just because of
laziness. so this trick is not working in the famous websites such as Facebook, Twitter and other well known famous websites. in short we can use this trick while getting any coupon codes, for free recharges and many more.
What Is Gmail Dot Trick?
> Gmail dot trick is a trick in which you can create multiple accounts from one Gmail account by putting a Dot in between and many big website have not solved this issue

How Does Gmail Dot Trick Works?
> Many of the big websites ignores the “.“(Dot) in the email account so you receive the email in the account which is not having dot in between
How is the trick useful?
> Many of the websites put an offer such as get a free recharge of Rs 10 by doing sign up with this refer code and all other offers so you can
use this trick to get free recharge.

Requirements of Gmail Dot Trick
> You need a Gmail account for this trick if you don’t have a Gmail account so you can create a
Gmail account easily by signing up to Gmail from here – Sign Up With Gmail
> If you are have a big email account such as so this is well and good
if you have a small gmail account like so not big issues you can create
a new account with big email

How To Use This Gmail Dot Trick ?
→ To use this trick you need to visit any website in which you have to use this Gmail dot trick
→ If you have already signed up with your Gmail account on that website so there is not any problem. But if you are not  you can sign up with your original Gmail account
→ Now the trick starts here if you want to create an another account on that website from same email account then just do the following steps:-
→ Logout your old Gmail account and now sign up with the new Gmail account
→ Now if your original Gmail account name is so just place a dot
anywhere before like this or you can place the dot where ever we want
→ The dot in the account can be added any where you want just add the dot and you’re done
→ You can even add more than one Dot in one account even after adding more dots this trick will work absolutely fine
→ You can even add dots like this
→ If you put the dot any where in the account so the verification of Gmail account will be forwarded to
→ Now add the dot anywhere in your Gmail account and your mail will be forwarded to your original account only
Final Words :
So this was the Gmail dot trick this trick is working fine in many of the websites and many of them have patch this trick many of the big
websites like in Facebook, Twitter and etc this trick is not working. If you love this trick share with your friends and this trick might seem risky but it is totally safe thanks for visiting and stay tuned for more updates and tricks.